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Comparing treadmill reviews from different sources is a great way to go about buying a home treadmill. The fitness machine industry can be confusing for a beginner. Start by reviewing magazine ratings of treadmills and using the internet to see how experts rate various models. Finding the best treadmill is a personal thing, as we all have different fitness needs. It’s a good idea to review how much you are willing to spend on a treadmill and then check out some ratings of running machines in that price range. Reviews written by independent experts, such as a consumer report on treadmills, can be invaluable.

Reviewing your requirements is essential before you buy a treadmill. Consider your fitness levels and how often you will exercise. For beginners, basic cheap treadmills can be ideal. For as little as $ 200 you can buy a manual treadmill that can fold up to be stored out of the way. However, for not much more you could find a discount motorized model such as those from Epic treadmills. Treadmills with motors rate higher as they are easier to use and offer a range of variable functions to make exercising fun. Ratings of models with pre-set workout programs tend to be favorable. Reviews suggest that the ability to vary your exercise routine, such as by changing speed and incline, can be good for motivation.

Treadmill exercise programs offer a convenient way to improve your fitness and keep fit on a regular basis. However, with such an investment in your health it pays to review the quality of treadmills for sale within your budget. Smooth treadmills get good ratings in the cheaper price category.  Sturdy and stable frames score highly in ratings. Reviews highlight safety features such as a belt that speeds up and slows down gradually, and built in warm up/cool down features rate favorably. The facility to measure heart rate can be useful. Comfort is important when choosing a treadmill. When reading reviews look for features such as large deck size for easier strides and see how the shock impact ratings compare on different models. Reviews suggest that thicker 2 ply belts last longer. Reviewers say that reversible self-lubricating running decks slow down the rate of wear and tear.

At the end of the day, in purchasing your fitness equipment from a reputable manufacturer that often gets rave reviews for their home treadmills, you can expect a top quality product that will give you years of workouts!

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