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Check out used treadmills for sale if you are looking to save money on a home treadmill. Regularly using the treadmill at your local gym can be quite costly in the long run, so buying a treadmill of your own could be a more economical option. Treadmill exercise such as walking, jogging or running, is recommended by fitness experts as a great way to keep fit. And the added bonus of using a treadmill is you can workout indoors from the comfort and privacy of your home. Buying a secondhand model could be a fantastic way to get a good deal.

Precor C966i Commercial Treadmill (Used)
Precor C966i Commercial Treadmill (Used)

RRP: $5995.00
Sale Price: $2495.00

Life Fitness 9000 Next Generation Treadmill (Used)
Life Fitness 9000 Next Generation Treadmill (Used)

RRP: $3995.00
Sale Price: $1995.00

Treadmill - Precor C956 w/ HR (Used)
Treadmill - Precor C956 w/ HR (Used)

RRP: $3295.00
Sale Price: $2395.00


Compare refurbished treadmills before you decide which model to buy. Proform treadmills do well in the ratings.  A treadmill that has been refurbished will have had any broken parts replaced and been cleaned up. The low cost of a refurbished machine compares favorably to the expense of a brand new model. However, be aware that most used or refurbished exercise equipment will have either a short warranty or none at all. During refurbishment parts are unlikely to have been inspected individually for general wear and tear caused by regular use. Therefore there is a risk that a used running machine could break down and be costly to fix.

The condition of used fitness products can vary greatly, so it pays to do some comparison shopping before you buy a treadmill secondhand. It’s important to check the treadmill motor is mechanically sound. Comparing safety features and the stability of the frame is another essential task. Find out how much usage the treadmill has had in the past and consider what features would be useful for your workout. Make comparisons of the prices and added accessories when shopping for a used model, to help find the best treadmill for your needs.

The internet can be really useful when shopping for refurbished or used fitness machines. Comparing treadmill reviews and ratings can give you an idea of what features you should look for in different brands of treadmill. And there are loads of cheap treadmills for sale online!

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